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A small but agile filming crew explored Jaipur to discover and cinematically capture visual snapshots told through the eyes of locals, paying particular attention to the real-world and authentic, while providing a compelling insight into life in the region.

Through breathtaking landscapes, architecture, natural beauty and a highly complex approach to storytelling and editing, the film aimed to capture the soul of the locations visited and the people who live there.

Dir. / Prod. J.Harry Edmiston //

Cam. Assit / Camera Alex Bruno // Prod. Man. / Anna Ginzburg //

Edits. / Gareth Sutcliff, Tim Slessor & Jamie Roper, David Arshadi //

Sound Design. / Lee Willis - Silk Sound //

Filmed w. Sony A7R & A7III & Veydra T.2.2 Mini Prime Lenses.