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London-based Producer, Director and Photographer previously at CNN's Internal Creative Advertising Agency - Create. (formerly know as - Turner Commercial Productions).

With extensive international experience in digital, advertising and creative production, I have developed large-scale marketing programmes to drive growth and elevate corporate perception in a constantly changing media landscape. 

Specialties: Branding, Management, Client-Liason & Advisory and all aspects of Creative Production. Concept to creation: I write, I pitch, I produce, I shoot, I direct, I post-produce major advertising and communications campaigns.

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I am a Multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary creative. 
I have worked on projects with shoestring budgets to multi-million dollar global campaigns.


I have extensive experience managing large scale commercial accounts with diverse teams of in-house creatives and outsourced freelancers/partners to execute innovative creative projects to the highest standards, on time and always on budget.

CLIENTS & Awards

World Luxury Award - Gold Star Winner in Fashion & Style 2014 | FWA Adobe Cutting Edge Award 2010 | Winner Berlin International Film Festival 2009 - Sony Showcase | Winner - Remi Award - 2009 WorldFest Houston


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